Book Fun Friday

Book Fun Friday (3)

Hi, Book Lovers! This has been a crazy week. Blizzard-like snow and ice on Sunday left us snowed in until Wednesday. It’s a good thing we had a few days of rest, because the end of the week, has been super busy. Thursday was errand, library, and appointment day, and today? Today is going to be another busy day as well, trying to finish up work, getting ready for the weekend, and my adult children will be over for supper, which is one of my favorite things.

This week has also been busy with design work. I was hit with the creative bug, and have been feverishly designing a new quilt and cross stitch pattern. What does this have to do with books? Both are “book” themed! I will be sure to link them up when I get them finished.

But let’s get on to the Link Ups! This week I am highlighting Shattered Snow by Rachel Huffmire for Book Beginnings, First Line Friday and for The Friday 56.

What book are you sharing with us on Book Beginnings on Fridays? Please share the first sentence (or so). You can also share from a book you want to highlight, not a book you are reading. 
Hosted by Reading is My Superpower: It’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line.
Hosted by Freda’s Voice, grab a book turn to page 56, or 56% of your ereader and post a snippet.
Book Beginnings and First Line Friday
Friday 56

Goodreads Synopsis

Time travel is illegal… But only if you get caught.

Keltson Grammar is a vigilante hacker who doesn’t mind breaking a few laws. Hiding behind mirrors, he rescues unfortunate souls in the past and leads them to happier endings. However, a single misstep could send a time-traveling huntsman on his trail. If he finds Keltson, history will be reset to its original dismal fate and Keltson’s future will be permanently behind bars.

Lilia Vaschenko is a Russian Mechanic surrounded by cinderblock towers, ladders she cannot climb, and a glass ceiling that holds her down like a casket. She’ll do anything to escape—even work for the world’s most wanted renegade.

Margaretha is a young German countess who wants nothing more than to forge her own path in life. But when she discovers a mysterious mirror in the woods that transforms her world into shadows and ice, her future shatters. Will she ever find who she was truly meant to be?

What are you reading this weekend?

Have a great weekend!

Cathy Marie

13 thoughts on “Book Fun Friday (3)”

  1. It sounds like you have been extra busy these last few days, packing everything in after having to stay in because of the snow. Shattered Snow sounds really interesting! I love the excerpts you shared–they pulled me right in. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your supper tonight with your kids!


  2. My first line is from Chapter 1 of To Treasure an Heiress by Roseanna White:

    11 July. Samson, Isles of Scilly
    “Beth Tremayne crept silently through the creaking doorway of the abandoned cottage as the first stokes of dawn painted the sky over the islands.”


    1. The Cornish coast is one of those places I’ve always wanted to visit. The landscape in Cornwall, is just truly magnificent, and with all of the new evidence that is coming to light about the Dark Ages, it just turns my history loving heart to jelly. I can bet that it would be a great place for pirate legends as well.


  3. Happy Friday!
    I’m currently reading Mulberry Hollow by Denise Hunter. I am really enjoying it! I’m just starting chapter 7, so I’ll share from there.
    “It was amazing how much could change over a weekend.”
    Truer words! LOL!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with relaxing reading time.

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  4. Such a cool cover! This weekend, I’m reading Their Unbreakable Bond by Deb Kastner. The first line is: It was the Be Back Shortly sign on the door of the gift shop, with an arrow pointing toward the barn, that had sent Stone Keller in this direction.
    On my First Line Friday blog post, I featured To Treasure an Heiress by Rosenanna M. White:
    Happy Weekend!

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